Kenny Cunningham
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Acoustic Musician from Liverpool
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About Kenny Cunningham
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Kenny Cunningham
Although heavily influenced by his hometown lads, "The Beatles," it was Simon & Garfunkel who finally prompted him to sell his motorcycle and buy a guitar and discover a talent for songwriting and powerful acoustic ballads and anthems. 

Kenny began by playing local folk clubs in Liverpool and lived in the South of France for a couple of years working on yachts and playing in local bars.

Kenny Cunningham has always been attracted to the process of songwriting. It is something at which Kenny has always been a natural talent. Over the years thoughts and their accompanying musical notes "just came out onto paper for me." Kenny often jokes "I don't take responsibility for my music -- I'm just the one who played it!"

Music became an integral part of Kenny's life. His ambition involves enjoying the creativity of music and sharing this experience with his varied clients. Though each performance is different and specifically adapted to the unique needs of his clients, the memory of a Cunningham performance is surely a hallmark you'll want to remember!
Kenny Arrived from Liverpool, England in May of 1979. Though Kenny figured he would stay only for the summer, his plans quickly changed after arriving in the States. 

Kenny was attacked by Cupid's arrow somewhere in the Caribbean and suddenly his resolve to return home disappeared. Now at home in the United States, Kenny serenades, rocks and celebrates with dozens of clients every year in a way only Kenny Cunningham and his british influencers know how!
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